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Satellite & Rural Broadband

Satellite Broadband

Our installers are trained and experienced on each of the 3-key satellite broadband systems offered throughout Ireland and the UK:

  • Avanti Hylas 1 & 2 (Using both Hughes & Gilat equipment)
  • Eutelsat Tooway
  • SES Astra

Each of the above systems have proved invaluable to our customers in poor landline locations, restricted to low BT or Eircom broadband speeds due to the distance they live from their nearest exchange.

Satellite broadband systems offer customers the opportunity to experience up to 30Mb/s download speeds and 6Mb/s upload speed, all without the cost of landline phone line rental.

These systems can also be used for temporary internet access, such as festivals, county fairs and concerts or movie & TV production locations.

With our infrastructure of installers based across Ireland & the UK, we will offer support for any installation needs, from a single install to a full roll-out across Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales.

Other Rural Broadband Solutions

TradeMark Communications offer installation support for other forms of rural broadband solutions, for example:

  • 3G or 4G solutions - where available within your area.
  • Point-to-point microwave connections - share broadband from one location to another (clear line of sight must be visible between each location).
  • CPE Installations - fixed wireless receiver antennae, modems, wireless routers along with other customer premises equipment.