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About Us

TradeMark Communications commenced trading in October 2014, offering a professional installation service of satellite broadband systems on behalf our clients throughout Ireland & the UK.

Since then we have continued to adapt and improve our services offered with the introduction of point-2-point and point-2-multipoint systems (microwave links), 4G antennae and WiMax CPE links.

With more than 20 years' experience working with Telecommunications systems, including working at height, we evolved through the development of our installers' climbing certificates, achieving each of the necessary H&S qualifications in November 2016. Now each of our installers is qualified to climb towers and work on masts providing a range of services, including mobile phone & broadband (4G), wireless broadband, television & radio and wind farm testing.

Working together with our field-based installers, our in-house network design and configuration team can provide support for any size of wireless or wired network requirements, from private domestic systems, complete with child-safe browsing provisions, up to 500+ device support on a large commercial system requirement.

With more than 20 years’ experience working with aerial & satellite TV systems, we can provide affordable support for domestic or commercial systems, including standard aerial feeds, right through to apartment block configuration or digital signage solutions.